Michelle's story...

A passion for horses... Growing up on a small Nebraska dairy farm taught Michelle that doing what you love may mean hard work but fulfilling your passion is worth it. As a child, Michelle was naturally drawn to horses spending her waking hours riding and happily doing barnwarmingup chores. Soon, her father and neighboring families were bringing her "project" horses and seeking out training tips. Before she had learned to drive, she knew a career as a horse trainer was ahead. Given her abundant love for horses and the skills she developed through countless hours of practice on her family farm, it is no surprise that she has been training through Chapman Performance Horses, LLC for over fifteen years!

Refining her craft... In 1997, after graduating high school, Michelle completed a two year Equine Management and Horse Training program at Laramie County Community College. Through the program, Michelle discovered reining and began competing in NRHA events. She further developed her training methods and showmanship skills by working under industry leaders such as Dwayne Hoelscher, Steve Schwarzenberger, and Mark Guynn. These mentors allowed her the opportunity to learn and refine her craft before becoming head trainer at Chapman Performance Horses, LLC.

Her training methods... Although Michelle is proficient at colt starting and all types of disciplines from western riding to mule hunter under saddle (yes, mule hunter under saddle!), reining remains her competitive focus. She is a multiple time NRHA NAAC champion, reining RMRHA RookiegatewayProfessional, RMRHA Limited Open Champion, and high point champion at premier NRHA events such as the Cactus Reining Classic and High Roller Reining Classic. All of these successes have been the result of humane training methods which find their roots in Natural Horsemanship and patience over pressure. Michelle recognizes that horses, just like people, have strengths and weaknesses. She strives to discover and develop a horses strengths and find its best niche, even if that mean a bred reiner is better suited as an all round or pleasure horse. Michelle holds the core belief that every horse is meant to do something and that it is part of her job to discover each horses potential.

It's a family thing... In 1996, Michelle and her best friend, Travis, married and began laying the foundation of what would become Chapman Performance Horses by purchasing Hannahs indyandhannahPoco Lena, NRHA money earner and proven NRHA producer. Michelle and Travis have been married 16 years and have two daughters, Joslyn 15 and Jessica 13 who also are both accomplished equestrians. Michelle loves what she does which shows in her constant smile. Chapman Performance Horses operates in Eaton Colorado where the whole family shares in the work and dedication of developing your next champion reining horse.


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